Attayga Golf is founded by Harry Butler, a 26-year-old UK based former US Collegiate golfer with a +4 handicap. Having gone to College in America for four years, I have been unsure whether to turn professional or not because of COVID and a persistent back injury.

During my playing days I had met numerous people who had painted their shafts as a way to customise the club or reduce glare from the sun, and it hit me that there isn't really any way to customise your golf club shafts, but you can customise every other part of your club. So during COVID I set about finding the right materials that would allow any one to customise their clubs but with materials that wouldn't impact on the performance characteristics of the club.

Our testing process has shown that we now have a material so light that there are no alterations in performance but with the significant advantage of protecting your club's shafts from continuous wear and tear throughout their lifetime and maintaining resale value. 

At a time where golf is reaching new demographics and we are seeing the industry boom with products aimed at new golfers coming into the game, and existing golfers alike, our aim is to be part of the evolution of the industry. Everything from our packaging, to our wraps are made in the UK.